Saturday, 9th November 2019

CS “Svilara”, 7pm


Concerts of jazz orchestras from the cities – European Capitals of Culture,

supported by the Novi Sad 2021 Foundation and the Serbian National Theatre


VESZPRÉM – Hungary




The Németh Kyra Smallchestra is a jazz ensemble that breaks from tradition, fully embracing its innovative and experimental form. Present on the Hungarian jazz scene since 2016, the ensemble was founded by Szilárd Pingiczer (keyboard) and Kyra Németh (voice). After numerous successes in the classical jazz milieu, the group expanded its ranks by inviting a bass- and solo guitar player, Máté Kovács and the drum player Kornel Sule. The group has since evolved into a musical laboratory with the ambition to create a wider repertoire of jazz with influences from rock and blues to hints of electronic and folk music. The reason for this musical expansion is simply that the great amount of impulses gained from years of creating music has led to a desire of musical exploration.

They have performed in most of Budapest’s culturally significant jazz clubs, but they have also wooed their audience in Müvészetek Palotája (Palace of the Arts) in Budapest. Furthermore, they are also permanent and recurring members of the Petöfi Sándor Theatre in Veszprém.

The primary goal of the Németh Kyra Smallchestra is to exude limitless happiness through their performance and music in such a way that their audience can become part of this collective celebration. The group chose its name, Smallchestra, to reflect its small size and their desire to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere through their music.

Veszprém where history welcomes you. Veszprém is a quiet, modest town. You have to walk in its streets and squares in order to understand its special atmosphere. You can listen to the bells ringing and notice the walls and buildings of the old city…Veszprém, the town of Queens, Veszprém, the University town, Veszprém, the festival town – these are only a few labels that indicate the past, present as well as the future of this one thousand-year-old town. Veszprém’s hills and valleys, arches and towers, its sloped narrow streets and wide squares hide so many secrets that can be discovered. Having developed into a vibrant centre of tourism, culture and business, the town with its population of nearly sixty thousand plays an important role in the life of the region. The large-scale events hosted by Veszprém also support this important role.

The town of Queens also gives home to arts. The outstanding orchestras, choirs and dance groups of the town offer high-quality programmes in many fields of arts to both locals as well as tourists throughout the year. The museums, ecclesiastical exhibitions and galleries of the town also offer interesting leisure activities.

The Kálmán Kittenberger Zoological Garden is hidden in the valley called Fejesvölgy, providing a home to the public’s all-time favourites as well as to special rarities. The parks and streets of Veszprém offer numerous leisure activities for hikers or cyclists, for people in casual shoes as well as those in boots. The unique atmosphere of the one-thousand-year-old town encourages visitors to take quiet, intimate walks. Follow in the footsteps of Queen Gizella and visit us! You will feel welcome here! More information:; Unique attractions of Veszprém; Veszprém, the city of festivals The wind is blowing or it chimes in Veszprém; Veszprém in short; E-brochures about Veszprém