The Serbian National Theatre, Hall, 7pm


Author: Kurt Rade, Witten (Germany)

Exhibition opening


Photographer: Kurt Rade, a report by Walter Jonat

“Concert sensation Photography”

©Kurt Rade

Kurt Rade, the photographer, the hiker between Germany, Africa and Finland Connected with his Finnish wife Sinikka, has been photographing since his was 17. Kurt Rade has become a good friend to me over the years. I do not remember exactly when we met for the first time. Probably, at our mutual friends in Witten. Anyway, together with some other colleagues we have, a loose group of photographers, the “FoMa”, founded by a photo maker from Witten in the city where he lives.

About his music photos: Here I could experience a development together with him, which led to these images as we can see today.

He calls it “concert sensation photography.”

The series with blue tones and instruments I leave uncommented and concentrate on the musicians.

Clearly, the further development is obvious as well as an advancing craftsmanship, mastery of technique, practice and experience and the imagination and thinking about musical processes. This image with the bass players in blue, who in expectation, turn his looks right.

Beautifully timed. Nobody says it’s easy, to capture well the sensitive moments pictorially. Symbolic of this is the image of a drummer, who creates the live music with sweat in his brows, which is equally exhausting as taking some photos in front of the stage. Togetherness of the musician and the photographer.

The difference between these groups: musicians want to attract attention with what they do, while photographers strive for inconspicuousness, photograph comes only after the concert in the foreground. And yet, they both depend on each other. This effort to achieve success connects them here and now. So like this beautiful picture with the sweaty drummer, who is immersed into the music with his eyes closed. Respect for the common Power. The secret of photography is to create your work with “empathy” and looking for the “moment”. Kurt really has this ability – to transport us to the given moment and make us feel the music when we look at the picture.

Walter Jonat, Fotograf Witten


©Sinikka Airaksinen-Rade


Born in 1953 in Gelsenkirchen

1979 – 1981 First autodidactic engagement in photography

1981 – 1986 Photographing jazz musicians at music events and jazz festivals

1986 -1997 Moving to Finland, started photographing Finish landscapes.

Man can sit for hours next to a lake and let nature affect you. It’s like a film about nature that never ends.

1997 – Back to Germany, returning to jazz photography.

Commissioned to photograph the event 40 Years of the Jazz Club domicil in Dortmund. Commissioned to photograph for WDR3 Michael Rüsenberg and Ruhr2010 “Jazz Atlas-Ruhr2010”

Taking photos at numerous jazz festivals: Jazz festival-Pori (Finland), Jazz fest-Moers, Jazz festival-Hamm, domicil-Dortmund, Winterjazz-Köln, Jazz festival-Wolfsburg, Jazz festival-Bingen, Jazz festival-Witten and Jazzahead-Bremen. Founded the web portal

President of the jazz club ‟domicil” in Dortmund,

The expression of intensity on faces of musicians and transporting music through image is what I aim at displaying in my jazz photography. (Kurt Rade Jazzfotografie)



2019 FEZ University Witten-Herdecke; 2018 Culture Workshop Gelsenkirchen-Buer: 2018 Cultural Centre Hamm; 2017 City House Sinzig; 2015 Jazz & Creative Music domicil Dortmund; 2014 Extraschicht Haus-Witten; 2013 Stadtwerke-Haus Witten; 2011 Wuppertal City Savings Bank; 2011 Wuppertal Art-Hotel; 2011 Museum Katharinenhof auf Fehmarn; 2011 Clinic Blankenstein Hattingen; 2010 Cultural Centre Hamm; 2010 Jazz & Creative Music domicil Dortmund; 2010 ZBZ University Witten-Herdecke; 2009 Clinic Blankenstein Hattingen; 2009 Jazz + Art Festival Witten; 2009 Jazz & Creative Music domicil Dortmund; 2009 FEZ University Witten-Herdecke; 2008 Museum Katharinenhof auf Fehmarn; 2008 Fair Unna Kunstrahmen; 2007 Kultur Werk* City of Witten; 2007 Bürgerhaus-Gallery Castrop-Rauxel; 2006 Kultur Werk* City of Witten; 2006 Jazz + Art Gallery Gelsenkirchen; 2006 Museum Katharinenhof auf Fehmarn; 2005 FEZ University Witten-Herdecke.