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Jelena Jovović, voice; Vasil Hadžimanov, klavir, Fender Rhodes

Milan Nikolić, double bass; Rastko Obradović, saxophone

Igor Matković, trumpet; Vladimir Kostadinović, drums

Branko Trijić, guitar; Maja Klisinski, percussions

Backing vocals: Srđan Marković, Sara Revišin



©Miša Obradović

A jazz vocalist, vocal clinician, composer, lyricist,

Jelena Jovović graduated summa cum laude in jazz singing at the University of Arts in Graz, Austria, earned her MA degree in jazz performance at the FMU, University of Arts, Belgrade.

She lived in South Africa where she performed extensively and established the jazz vocal curricula at the Jazz department of Cape Town University and Pretoria Tech School of Music.

Upon her return to Belgrade she worked as a Creative Director of the Radio- Television Big Band. She is a Professor of Jazz singing at the Music School Stankovic.

She has performed, just to mention a few, with: Bob Mover, Claus Raible Orchestra, Allan Praskin, Dusko Goykovich, Brad Leali, Chuck Israels, Renatto Chicco, Steve Williams, Johnny Fourie, Oliver Kent, Big Band RTS, Oleg Kireyev, Khaya Mahlangu, Jack Van Poll, Selaelo Selota, Marcus Wyatt, Kesivan Naidoo, Efrain Torro, Vasil Hadžimanov, Theodosii Spasov...

She has recorded an album under the title Heartbeat that features as an author, lyricist and arranger.

About the album Heartbeat

Well, all I can say is Jelena’s album Heartbeat is HIP! The singing, scatting, playing, compositions, lyrics, and charts are great and so inventive! Really up to date too! Congrats on the album! Enjoyed the more ‘intimate’ songs/tracks too. Loved it!!!( Randy Brecker)

I’m impressed with Jelena’s Heartbeat. She’s great and the whole thing sounds great. The supporting casts are on point! At times she really reminds me of Sarah Vaughn…. And I don’t think there are many singers out there who get anywhere close to that. She’s got a fabulous tone, and she phrases sweetly with plenty of push and pull with the pulse of the music… (Patric Forge)

Let’s start by saying: it was worth waiting for! First of all, she has chosen from a diversity of genres to compile a collection without commercial compromises, stylistically pure in the vocal jazz domain… (Vojislav Pantić)



©Predrag Ilić

Tenacious, ever-present, a musician of infinite work energy and musicality, Vasil Hadzimanov, a pianist, composer, arranger, and an educator, is an unavoidable link of Serbian jazz, from the end of XX century and the beginning of the new millennium, a person that bares a binding gene strain of ancestors that have, each in their own way, left a mark on Balkan music and cultural heritage. Ever since the first lessons that, with lots of patience, selflessness and introducing him to the world of jazz, were given to him by Vojin Draskoci – a world renowned bass player and composer, Hadzimanov has followed his own world of colors and sounds. Upon being educated at Berklee College of Music, Hadzimanov decides to return to Serbia, where he forms Vasil Hadzimanov Band, that, since the early ‘90s, is playing clubs with. Since band’s first lineup, the Vasil Hadzimanov Band has gone through several sonic and personal transformations, remaining true to the principal of giving each band member full autonomy. Since their first album 11 razloga za… (2001) via Can you dig it? (2013), all the way to Lines in sand (2018), Vasil Hadzimanov presents himself as a follower of modern streams, progressive sound and fusion of different types of music, that he is successfully merging into, what we now could call, World music. Aside his own band, Vasil is also performing with (to name a few) Trio Sveti (with Marko Djordjevic and Branko Trijic), Toni Kitanovski Trio, Bace Quartet (with Theodosii Spassov, Bachar Khalife and Ace Petrov), Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union, Misko Plavi Trio and others.

During their long-lasting career, VHB has published seven albums, many of whom had respectable circulations and numerous positive reviews the World over, and in the time of global discography crisis regarding classical, jazz, or artistic music in general. Beside recording with his band for domestic record labels, Hadzimanov also records a trio album El Raval (2011) with Martin Gjakonovski on bass and Aleksandar Sekulovski on drums.

Since 2011 he has been teaching at Stip Music Academy in Macedonia, as a part time professor and head of the jazz piano department. He works as a 1-on-1 educator, and also participates in numerous masterclasses, including Tutti, a project done in collaboration with Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

In 2015 Vasil takes role of a moderator and a host of M lab (RTV Vojvodina), a TV show of musical educational variety, where he welcomes numerous top musicians, such as: David Binney, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Koja (Disciplin A Kitchme), Zoran Kostic Cane (Partibrejkers), Zafir Hadzimanov, Toni Kitanovski, and others.

In the same year, he starts a collaboration with Bojan Zulfikarpasic. The two of them, as a piano duet, perform in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Paris and are hailed with great reviews from fans and music critics alike. In December of 2017, they have published their first album Live at Kolarac.

In 2016 the World Music Association of Serbia and Etnoumlje magazine have published a compilation album, celebrating 25 years of Vasil Hadzimanov’s work.

Hadzimanov’s sound, (in which we certainly sense an influence of what he has, in his youth, heard in the music of the exceptional Joe Zawinul) we can predominantly hear a constant strive towards fusion and incorporation of new ideas, that were brought by, as he himself says, the usage of Balkan motives in an immediate and sincere way, outside of cliché grafting of traditional art expressions on to a jazz weft.

Aside plenty of concerts and performances throughout former Yugoslavia, and devoted international activity, Hadzimanov is also writing music for numerous movies, documentaries and TV shows.

Leaning on to vast legacy of traditional music that is, by his saying music that we shouldn’t be ashamed of, but on contrary, be supportive of and give it more air time, Vasil Hadzimanov is certainly a composer that, in one of the crucial periods in national musical history, in time of devastating vacuum in the production that supports true values, saw the message of his predecessors and, in a right way, molded it into an authentic musical expression.

All published albums and music of Vasil Hadzimanov are proclaimed to be the artwork of national importance for Serbia.


Vasil Hadžimanov Band: 11 razloga za… (2001, PGP RTS); Kafanki (2003, PGP RTS); 3 – Sega Mu e Majkata (2007, PGP RTS); Života mi (2009, PGP RTS); Can You Dig It? (2013, Zmex, SRB (CD) i OverJazz Records, GER (DD)); Alive (2016, MoonJune Records, USA/Metropolis Records, SRB); Lines in Sand (2018/19, MoonJune Records, USA / VHBand, SRB).

The album Alive has been honored as one of the top releases of 2016, by the acclaimed USA DownBeat Magazine.

Vasil Hadžimanov Trio: El Raval (2011, SJF Records)

Vasil Hadžimanov i Bojan Zulfikarpašić PIANO DUO Koncert na Kolarcu (2017, independent edition)

Vasil Hadžimanov 25 Years of Music, CD Compilation of various music works (2016, WMAS / Magazin Etnoumlje)

Film Scoring: Belgrade – to leave or to stay (r.Goran Paskaljević, 2002, Arte TV), Kad porastem biću Kengur (When I Grow Up, I’ll Be a Kangaroo) (r. Raša Andrić, 2004), Basketball Players (r. Dejan Zečević, 2005, Propaganda/RTS), Heart’s Affair (r. Mika Aleksić, 2006, Stvar Srca Production/Living Pictures), Sisters (r. Vlada Paskaljević, 2011, Monte Royal Pictures); Otvorena vrata (Open Doors) (r. Raša Andrić, 2013, Monte Royal Pictures) Forbbiden Aunt (r. Bojana Novaković, 2018, SENSE Production– in development)

Awards: 2019. Godum Award for contribution in Jazz music – Jazz, Pop and Rock Music Representative Association of Serbia; Honorary Doctorate Degree of Science in the field of Musical Art – University Goce Delchev, Shtip, MKD; 2016. Award Magistar Humanitas – Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences, Jagodina SRB; 2015. Golden Pin Award for contribution to society and culture – Ministry of Culture and Information/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SRB; Vojin Mališa Draškoci – World Music Association of Serbia; 2003. Award The Best Instrumental Album – Festival Sunčane Skale (album Kafanki); 2002. Award The Best Debut Album Beovision Music Festival (album 11 razloga za…)



©Stefan Wolf

Born in 1973 in Kruševac, Milan Nikolić took up music at the age of seventeen. In 1993 he moved to Belgrade where he became a member of the blues band Hush, performing with it all over Serbia. In 1996 he enrolled at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria, where he earned his Master’s Degree in 2003. During and after his studies he played with many greats of jazz music such as: Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson, Billy Hart, Kirk Lightsey, Jim Snidero, Walt Weiskopf, Harold Mabern, Vincent Herring, Eric Alexander, Antony Wonsey, Johnathan Blake, Seamus Blake, Sheela Jordan… He has appeared at a number of festivals and famous clubs such as: Burghausen Jazz Festival, Elb Jazz Festival, Moscow Jazz Festival, Porgie and Bess… Since 2012 he has been teaching Jazz Double Bass at the Department of Jazz and Popular Music at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.



The 24-year-old Belgrade saxophonist is a new force on the European jazz scene. He graduated in Jazz Performance in 2017 from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. He has performed with musicians from all corners of the world, including: Bojan Z, Arkady Shilkloper, Vasil Hadžimanov, Hermund Nigard, the Miloš Branisavljević Quartet, Martin Nodeland, Simen Halvorsen, the Schime Trio, Marko Đorđević, and others. In November 2018, Rastko Obradović toured Latvia as a member of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra. In April 2019, the Association of Jazz, Pop and Rock Musicians declared Rastko Obradović the best young musician.



©Matjaž Tančič

Born into a family where jazz records were played by his father, classical trumpet player, Igor grew to become a prolific jazz trumpeter and composer.

He completed his Master’s Degree at the University of Graz (Austria, in 2009). Travelling throughout Europe and America (particularly New York), he studied with celebrated trumpet players including Steve Gut, John Swana, Charles Toliver, Dave Rodgers and many others.

In the early stages of his career he was involved in various projects as a trumpeter, keyboard player and as a producer. As a session musician he has recorded over 30 albums in collaboration with different groups across a range of genres. He was a regular member of the European Movement Jazz Orchestra, releasing a record on the well-known Clean Feed™ label in 2011.

He has performed at numerous festivals both at home and abroad. These include the Cairo Jazz Festival (Egypt), Bundes Jazz Festival (Germany), Lent Festival (Slovenia), 50th Ljubljana Jazz Festival (Slovenia), Cerkno Jazz Festival (Slovenia), Jazz Club Porgy and Bess (Austria), Brussels Goethe Institute (Belgium), Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Portugal), Teatro Gil Vincente (Portugal), Casa da Musica (Portugal), Centro Cultural de Belem (Portugal, with Maria Joao), Palais des Beaux-Arts (Belgium), Konzerthaus (Germany) and Rome Goethe Institute (Italy), Jazz A Chelah Jazz Festival (Morocco).

In 2017 he performed at the China – CEEC project founded by the Chinese Jazz Association performing in Changzhou, China. In 2018 he was one of the mentors at the first China – CEEC Summer Jazz Camp at Jilin University of Arts in China.

His debut album Motion in Two Dimensions, recorded with pianist Marko Črnčec, was released in 2010. The compilation of well-known jazz standards was described as showing a comprehensive approach and mastery of the jazz tradition by international critics. His second album Sonic Motion, featuring his own original compositions, was released in 2012, with Vladimir Kostadinović on drums, Marko Črnčec on piano/Rhodes and Robert Jukič on bass. The album was very well received by the Slovenian public, and led Igor to explore a more atmospheric approach. Igor followed this approach on his album State of Ku that was released in 2017 by Radio – Television Slovenia. In 2019 he released his fourth album called Ephemeral Lake featuring acclaimed Polish piano player Marcin Wasilewski (ECM Records).

As of recent, composing music for television has become one of Igor’s new ways of engagement. In the last five years he has composed opening title tracks for two TV series (Mamin dan & Usodno vino) and the soundtrack for several seasons of TV series (Usodno vino & Reka ljubezni). He has also contributed his music for two documentary movies – Time to Improvise and Young Lions.



©Andreas Mueller

Vladimir Kostadinovic, award winning drummer (Tuscia in Jazz 2008 Italy, Jimmy Woode Competition) bandleader, composer & arranger, one of the Europe jazz music scene’s most sought after drummers, started his musical education at the age of five when he began studying classical accordion and drums. Drums have always been his real love and he wanted to pursue it, with a passion! Vladimir ranks high among drummers who are versatile and savvy enough to play different styles of music, as a sideman and with his own projects. In August 2009 he was invited to perform with a master of organ Hammond B3 Tony Monaco. During that time Vladimir also formed his own quartet with Jimmy Greene, Danny Grissett and Matt Brewer which featured his own compositions. In 2009 he went into the studio in New York with his band and recorded his first CD Course Of Events. Shortly thereafter he joined the band Antonio Farao Trio, with whom he is currently playing and traveling all over Europe. Vladimir also recorded his second album as a leader The Left Side Of Life live at the Generations Jazz Festival in Frauenfled, Switzerland, which was released for one of the most prestigious jazz record labels in Europe, ENJA Records. He has published 2 CD’s under his own name and received rave reviews all over the globe, among others, in the influential Modern Drummer, Jazz Times, Jazzthing, Jazzpodium and All about jazz Web portal, etc. In the last few years, Vladimir has also gone on to put his musical talents to work. He is currently writing music for his upcoming album and continues to headline concerts internationally. His goal as a musician: To Serve the Music. Vladimir has spent a lot of time playing and recording in The Big Apple with many great jazz musicians on the world scene. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with: Benny Golson, Charles Tolliver, George Garzone,Seamus Blake, Linda Oh, Melisa Aldana, Antonio Farao, Kevin Hays, Gregory Porter, Anthony Wonsey, Till Brönner, Dominique Di Piazza, Chico Freeman, Jimmy Greene, Mike Moreno, Didier Lockwood, John Ellis, Dusko Goykovich, Franco Ambrosetti, Danny Grissett, Tim Green, Darryl Hall, Marcin Wasilewski, Tony Monaco, Peter King, Bill Ramsey, Vicente Archer, Joe Sanders, Matt Brewer, Benito Gonzales, Donald Smith, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Eric Lewis, Antoine Drye, Tivon Scott Pennicott, Mansur Scott, Joel Holmes, Sinan Alimanovic, Harvie S, Rob Bargad, Jonathan Powell, Martin Djakonovski, William Lecomte, Flavio Boltro, Claus Raible, Bjorn Solli, Max Grosch, Renato Chicco, Fritz Pauer, Zipflo Weinrich, Jaka Kopac, Milan Nikolic, Andre Heller, Andrea Eckert, Maria Bild, Oliver Kent, Uli Langthaler, Johannes Strasser, Francesco Angiuli, Wolfgang Puschnig, Christian Havel, Erwin Schmidt,etc..

He finished primary and secondary music school in Belgrade and graduated from the jazz department for drums in the class of Miroslav Karlovic. After music high school Vladimir enrolled at the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Graz. In 2009 he graduated his Master’s Degree with honors in class of Professor Howard Thomas Curtis. With this great man and teacher, from whom I received valuable instruction, I’ve significantly upgraded my playing skills and music language.

Awards: Best Drum PlayerTuscia in Jazz; 2008 Jimmy Woode competition. Teachers and jury: Kenny Barron, Francisco Mela, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Shawn Monteiro, Eddi Palermo, Karl Potter, Rick Margitza, Tony Monaco, Ray Mantilla, Flavio Boltro, Giorgio Rosciglione, Gege Munari.

He has participated in the workshops of Greg Hutchinson, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Kenny Barron, Joey Calderrazzo, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Scott Coley, Jerry Bergonzi, Billy Hart, Bob Mintzer, John Hollambeck, Ron McClure, Trilok Gurtu, Horazio Hernandez, Dennis Irvin, Obed Calvaire, Jonathan Blake, Rodney Holmes.

Vladimir has played at many prominent festivals in the United States, China, Cuba, Europe: Germany, England, Holland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, etc.

Clubs: Blue Note (Milan), Ronnie Scotts (London), New Apartment Lounge, Jazz Showcase (Chicago), 55 Bar (NYC), Smalls (NYC), Fat Cat (NYC), Ibeam (NYC), Somethin Jazz (NYC), Porgy&Bess (Vienna), Jazz Bar (Edinburgh), ORF Radio Kulturhaus (Vienna), Jazzland (Vienna), Birdland (Vienna), Bird’s Eye (Basel), Moods (Zurich), Grand Casino (Luzern), Palace Of Arts (Budapest), Blue Note (Nove Mesto), Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana), Zwe (Vienna), Stokwerk (Graz), Royal Garden (Graz), Miles (Graz), Satchmo (Maribor), Sax Pub (Ljubljana), Cekaonica (Belgrade), Jazz Hram (Divaca), Hlava XX (Bratislava), Cultural Center (Zagreb), Jazz Club (Sarajevo), etc…

Performance in theatre productions: Graz National theatre Schauspielhaus and Volkstheater in Vienna

Big Bands/groups: Bob Mintzer, Peter Helbozheimer, Sigi Feigl