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Workshop leader: Sandra Klemm, assistant: Milan Stanisavljević, piano

6th – 9th November 2013, 11am-2pm and 3.30-5pm



Born in 1972 in Banja Luka, Sandra Klemm has been living in Ljubljana since she was 7. She was a member of the children and youth choir of RTV Ljubljana for a number of years. She graduated from the Jazz Department of the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory in class of Prof. Nada Žgur. She has attended the workshop of the legendary pop-jazz pedagogue Dave Straud, one of the founders of the Speech Level Singing method, the workshop of Bob StoloffVocal Improvisation Technique, and the workshop of the famous vocal group New York Voices in Graz (2003).

She has released 7 albums: Sendi (1992); Zate (1994); Nemirna kri (1995); Zase me vzemi (1996); Brezmejna ljubezen (1999); Na drugem koncu sveta (2000) and Se še spominjaš (2009).

Sandra was one of the first singers to introduce dance music into the Slovene pop scene. The album Nemirna kri, which was produced in collaboration with singer and producer Daniel Popović (“Julie”), was awarded the Srebrna kaseta Prize in 1995.

In 1998 the single Stigmata from the album Na drugem koncu sveta was selected by the Slovene distributor for the promotion of the Hollywood feature film of the same name.

As a choir member she performed with Bobby McFerrin at the Ljubljana Summer Festival 2004.

Sandra participated in Eurovision song contest when Slovenia first participated in it with the EN X BAND in Ireland in 1993, and again as a back vocal with singer Vili Resnik in England in 1998.

As a soloist she has appeared twice at the major Slovene pop festival Slovenska popevka, accompanying the great RTV Slovenia review orchestra (1999 and 2009).

She has performed several times with her vocal trio as back vocal at the festival Slovenska popevka, in creation of the national television’s most popular music show Zoom, and in collaboration with the RTV Slovenia Big Band at various concerts throughout Slovenia.

She is currently engaged in teaching jazz and pop solo singing at the school Zavod Sv. Stanislava, studio work and singing in workshops.

Workshop:Basic Vocal Techniques in Jazz and Pop Music

The workshop welcomes both beginners and active singers.

It will be held on the premises of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, every day from Wednesday 6th November to Saturday 9th November in the period 11-14 and 15.30-17h. It will be crowned with a final concert of the workshop participants, presentation of their work, on Saturday 9th November at 23.00.

Depending on the number of applicants, the lectures will be organised individually (up to 5 students) or in a group (10 and more).The workshop will focus on the proper breathing techniques, proper use of vocal as an instrument and basics of vocal improvisation in jazz and pop music.